Release Notes - Apache Griffin 0.1.5 (incubating)

  • Highlights

    • Batch: measure data quality based on user defined mesurements.
    • Standard process to define,measure and report data quality dimensions.
    • Dashboard to interact with griffin for whole data quality cycle.
  • New Feature

    • [GRIFFIN-11] - Enable data quality Accuracy measure in batch mode
    • [GRIFFIN-17] - Create a scheduler to schedule measure jobs
  • Improvement

    • [GRIFFIN-9] - Setup public live demo
    • [GRIFFIN-8] - New awesome griffin logo
  • Bug
    • [GRIFFIN-32] - Fix license header, by using SOURCE FILE HEADERS FOR CODE DEVELOPED AT THE ASF
    • [GRIFFIN-31] - localedatestring is not valid for backend tracking
    • [GRIFFIN-18] - The selection of hive data source can not get correct metadata from the tables in non-default database
    • [GRIFFIN-23] - Modify ‘models’ to ‘measures’, and ‘create dq model’ to ‘create dq measure’
    • [GRIFFIN-25] - Remove the portal of data assets registration from UI
    • [GRIFFIN-5] - Fix error in merge PR script
  • Task
    • [GRIFFIN-30] - Fix license issue reported by Justin.
    • [GRIFFIN-4] - Rename Griffin to Apache Griffin in documents
    • [GRIFFIN-2] - Setup griffin website on apache
    • [GRIFFIN-1] - Refactor service code to make it more open and extensible

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